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I am an ordinary citizen with a vision. A vision of equitable society where every person has an opportunity to succeed. The pathway to success starts in the education system, it starts in Kindergarten! The education system is the foundation of our society. I was a student in Ward 10 from 2005 until 2012. At present, I am a resident in Ward 9. In 2012, I began my undergraduate studies at York University and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Specialized Honours in Accounting). Currently, I am in the final year of law school at University of Western Ontario. As a former member of Canadian Armed Forces, I worked with youth in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets program. Additionally, I was a Constituency Assistant in the Office of Hon. Bal Gosal, former federal Minister of Sports. I know the importance of communication between elected representatives of the community and their constituents.

As a former student of Peel region who has completed an undergraduate degree and is in the process of completing a professional degree, I have had many positive experiences during my school days. However, I have also first-hand experienced difficulties that can be eliminated with a better public education system. The problems are increasing rather than decreasing. We need to eliminate the problems. We need to take action now. We need to work hard for the students of Peel Region. We can eliminate the problems by working together to ensure the success of all Peel Students. I promise to create an even playing field for all students, irrespective of their differences. I promise to increase parent involvement in all the important decisions being made by the Peel District School Board.

I am not an extraordinary person, I am one of you. If I am elected as your school trustee, we will work together to create an education system that works for every single student. Together, we will ensure that every single student in Wards 9 & 10 has all the resources they need to succeed in school.

Community Involvement

Ashman Khroad has been involved in various community organizations and extracurricular activities throughout her life. Some of the activities she was involved in were:

  • Chair – Western Law Diversity Committee
  • Chair – Western Law South Asian Law Students’ Association
  • Chair of Domestic Violence – Western Law Gender and the Law Association
  • Supervisor/Caseworker – Western Law Community Legal Services Clinic
  • Student Volunteer – Architects of Justice – The Action Group on Access to Justice
  • Peer Mentor – York University
  • Classroom Reporter – York University
  • Peer-Volunteer Note Sharer – York University
  • LINK Commissioner – LINK Crew
  • President – Multicultural Club
  • Executive – Sikh Students Association
  • Secretary – Social Justice Club
  • VP Fundraising – DECA
  • Lead Tutor – Study Hall Tutors
  • Executive – Environmental Club
  • Member – Brampton Mayor’s Youth Team
  • Member – Brampton’s High School Green Club Council
  • Member – Community, Culture, and Caring Committee
  • Volunteer – World Vision
  • Family and Schools Together Program Volunteer – Family Services of Peel



As a former student of Peel Region and a community activist, Ashman has a complete understanding of problems that exist in our public education system. Ashman is determined to use the position of School Trustee to work on the following issues:

  • Better communication is needed between teachers, school officials, students and parents
  • Teachers should be accessible throughout the year to meet with parents
  • Ashman has spoken to many parents who have difficulty in communicating with their child’s teachers
  • This difficulty must be addressed to ensure success of our students

Let’s improve communication and accessibility for the success of our students!

  • Allocate resources to fight drug use, bullying, and violence in our schools
  • Introduce mandatory Assertiveness/Anger-Management training for all high school students as a first step in addressing violence
  • 37.8% of surveyed high school students reported using drugs [The Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey]
  • Awareness is key to prevent students from participating in violence, bullying, and drug use

Let’s get rid of drugs, bullying, and violence from our schools!

  • All transitions are problematic for majority of the students, specifically elementary school to high school transition and high school to post-secondary transition
  • Students need extra support and assistance in Grade 8 and Grade 12 to prepare them for the next phase of their education career


Let’s provide the extra support students need at important stages of their school career!

  • Develop optional extra help sessions after school for students in elementary schools
  • Many students that struggle in elementary schools do not reach their full potential and by the time they reach high school, they are far behind and are unable to pursue their dreams
  • The extra help that is available in high school is not of much use if the base is too weak


Let’s get the base right in elementary schools!

  • Peel School Board Trustees are responsible for allocation of funds distributed by the provincial government


Let’s ensure the funding is being used in the most effective manner!

  • Majority of the schools in Peel had significant amount of extracurricular opportunities until 2014
  • Extracurricular activities are vital for student development and success
  • We need programs to engage students and to provide them with opportunities to become leaders of tomorrow


Let’s bring back all the extracurricular activities that were cancelled and MORE!

  • In Grade 11 & 12, students are making important decisions that will impact their future and mentorship from professionals in the community will truly help them make informed decisions

    Let’s develop a mentorship program to help our students make informed decisions about their future!

  • Raise awareness about mental health initiatives that exist within Peel Schools
  • Enhance existing mental health programs and develop a plan to remove the stigma surrounding mental health in our schools
  • Develop stress relief initiatives for students
  • Develop a peer support network

    Let’s provide our students all the support they need for the well-being of their mental health!

  • Allocate more resources and funding towards special education programs
  • Students have different needs and we need to ensure that their needs are met throughout our education system

    Let’s provide our students with all the resources they need to succeed!

  • Students as young as four years old are dropped off at the wrong bus stops
  • Bus drivers need to be properly trained for the safety of our students
  • Better routes need to developed for efficient travel before and after school

    Let’s make transportation safe and efficient!

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